Welcome to Bergman & Gold.

We're a team of experienced and successful business persons specializing in investment management, marketing and business development. We excel at effectively connecting investors to high value acquisitions and assets, utilizing a simple, straightforward and trouble-free process. It is our fundamental objective to craft profitable and sustainable asset portfolios, intuitively engineered to match our clients’ needs, whether they be startup investors or seasoned venture capitalists.

We have a wealth of investment and business development experience in numerous industries worldwide, from Scandinavia to South East Asia, from Hospitality to Fintech.

Our range of Investment Management Services include Asset Portfolio Management, Asset Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fund Raising, Assessment and Appraisal, and Elite Finance Consultation Services.

We are strategically positioned to provide expert advice to a wide range of clients, whether at the private or institutional level, with the objective of driving business growth and increased capital.

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